About Us

Lyle and Deanna Madeson

Lyle and Deanna moved to Lake County in 1976 and enjoy its beauty year-round. Lyle first started taking pictures while photographing his gladiola hybrids for identification. It soon became apparent that he was interested in capturing more than the glads on film. He branched out to the hummingbirds that frequented the gladiolas in the field, then on to a wider variety of birds. He has continued to expand his interests to macro photography and landscape photography, with a special interest in sunrises and sunsets. Deanna joined him in his photography adventure with her main interest in birds. Together, they spend many hours capturing the birds, wildlife, vineyards, and natural beauty of Lake County, California. They have attended photo workshops with George Lepp and Arthur Morris.

Their interest in photography has taken them to Alaska, the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, the Amazon Jungle, the southwestern and southeastern United States, with plans to visit Africa in the near future. Always looking to see things in a new perspective, they love to experiment with light, zooms, blurs, silhouettes, and fish eye lenses.